Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I check the prices and available apartments?
Prices and apartments available at particular dates are listed in section Reservation.
How can I book an apartment?

The easiest, quickest and most recommended way to book an apartment is filling in the form in section Reservation. Once you have chosen the apartment and the date please fill in the form with your personal data and credit card data and we will confirm your reservation by e-mail.

You can also make a reservation in person or by e-mail or phone call.

Can I cancel or change the reservation?

Guests are allowed to cancel their reservation in accordance with the following rules. Guests are obliged to inform Clemens Apartments by e-mail ( on cancelling the reservation.

Cancelling the reservation — conditions:

  • Cancelling the reservation up  to 7  days before planned arrival — free of charge (except for non-refundable reservations).
  • Cancelling non-refundable reservation or cancelling the reservation in less than 7 days before planned arrival — Guests pay 100% cost of booked stay.
  • If Guests do not arrive at the planned day with no prior cancelling their reservation they will be charged 100% cost of booked stay.

Reservations made by phone call, e-mail or in person with an advance payment (40% of the cost of stay) are not subjected to the above conditions. Advance payments are non-refundable regardless of the date of cancelling.

Guests are obliged to pay 100% cost of stay also in case of delayed arrival or shortened stay for reasons beyond our control.

Please find more information in section Regulations.

Where the apartments are located?
Our apartments are situated in two places about 200 m from each other. Apartment no. 1 and no. 2 are in Jana Sobieskiego 6/3 and apartment no. 3 is in Tadeusza Pawlikowskiego 10/2. After arrival Guests should reach the address of booked apartment. Please find more information in section Location.
How can I get to the apartment from Krakow-Balice airport or from the Main Railway Station?
Please find detailed directions in section Location.
Where can I park the car?
Please find detailed directions in section Location.
When does hotel day start and finish?
Hotel day starts at 14:00 and finishes at 11:00.
What should I do when I arrive and where do I collect the keys?
Guests are obliged to inform Clemens Apartments on the time of arrival by phone call or e-mail. After arrival Guests should reach the address of booked apartment. The keys will be given there by the Clemens Apartments representative at the time previously agreed by e-mail or phone call. Our representative will answer all your questions and provide instructions on operating devices in the apartment as well as information on checking-out and returning the keys. In case of checking-in after midnight there is extra fee of 50 PLN.
Can I check-in earlier? What is the cost?
Guests can check-in from 14:00. Due to the necessity to prepare the apartment (cleaning, change of sheets) there is no possibility to check-in earlier. If you need to check-in earlier (before 14:00) please make a reservation a day before.
Can I check-out later? What is the cost?
Guest can check-out until 11:00. If you need to stay longer please make a reservation for one more day. We ask you to check-out on time so that we are able to prepare the apartment for next Guests.
Can I store my luggage after checking-out or before checking-in?
Yes. The luggage can be stored in a luggage room located in Jana Sobieskiego 6/3. Please inform us earlier if you want to use it.
Is there airport transfer service?

Yes. We offer our Guests airport transfer service at the price of 150 PLN. Please contact us at least 48 hours before planned transfer.

More information in section Extra services.

What is the currency and form of payment?
Guests pay for the apartment the moment they collect the keys. We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and in cash (in PLN). Note! We do not accept payments via American Express.
Does the cost include breakfast?
Breakfast is not included in cost. However, as the apartments are located in the city centre, our workers can recommend a lot of places around where you can have breakfast. Also, there are kitchenettes in all our apartments so Guests can make their own breakfast.
Are there 24/7 grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, etc. near the apartments?
Yes. There are 24/7 grocery stores, a lot of cafes and restaurants near the apartments.
Is there Internet access in the apartments?
There is wireless broadband WiFi in all the apartments which can be used limitlessly and with no extra charges.
What TV channels are available in the apartments?
All the apartments are equipped with Full HD TVs with flat screens. Guests have access to 1000 free of charge international satellite channels provided by satellites Astra and Hotbird and to wireless broadband WiFi.
Can I have a party in the apartment?
Guests are not allowed to have parties in the apartments under the penalty of 3000 PLN.
Can other people stay in my apartment?
Only people who made a reservation for a stay are allowed to use the apartment. Other people must not stay in the apartment under the penalty of 3000 PLN. The only exception is children below the age of three.
What is included in the cost of the apartment? What is the equipment?
Our apartments are fully equipped and comfortably furnished. Everything you will need during your stay is provided in the apartments (fresh sheets, towels, hotel cosmetics, kitchen equipment, DeLonghi coffee machine Nespresso capsules, tea, TV with satellite channels). There are detailed descriptions of each of the apartments in section Apartments.
What are extra costs of booking the apartment?
There are no extra costs except for the parking price. However, if Guests damage the equipment of the apartments they will be charged with costs of exchange or repair.
How often are the apartments cleaned?
The apartments are cleaned always before Guests arrival and on request (extra charge 50 PLN). Cleaning on request takes place between 11:00 and 16:00 so as not to disturb Guests. Guests do not have to be present at the time of cleaning. There is also a possibility to clean the apartment at other preferred by Guests. Please find more information in section Extra services.
On which floor are the apartments?
All the apartments are on ground floor.
Are there lifts in the buildings?
There are no lifts in the buildings. All the apartments are on ground floor.
What happens if I damage the equipment in the apartment?
Guests are responsible for all the damage caused in the apartments and are obliged to cover the damages by the end of their stay. Please find more information on the conditions of stay in section Regulations.
Are animals allowed?
We are sorry but animals are not allowed in the apartments under the penalty of 1000 PLN. The only exception is animals assisting the disabled.
What languages does the staff speak?
We speak Polish and English.
Can I get a discount on long stay?
You can get a discount if your stay is longer than a week. Should you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to contact us.
What happens if I lose the keys?
For a lost set of keys Guests are charged with cost of 150 PLN.
Is smoking allowed in the apartments?
We are sorry but smoking is not allowed in the apartments and near them (staircase, balcony). Fire is prohibited (candles, incense sticks, cigarette lighters, etc.) as well as bringing to the apartments any flammable substances, pyrotechnic articles, toxic substances or any illegal substances under the penalty of 2000 PLN.
Are there telephones in the apartments?
There are no telephones in the apartments.
Where can I check the reservation rules and conditions of stay?
Detailed information on services provided, making and cancelling the reservations and terms and forms of payment is in section Regulations. By making a reservation Guests thereby accept all the Regulations in Clemens Apartments. Please read the Regulations thoroughly to avoid any misunderstandings and help us provide you a comfortable and safe stay.