Extra services

Airport transfer

We offer our Guests transport from Krakow-Balice airport to Clemens Apartments. The price is 150 PLN for transporting at most 4 people. The price is fixed and does not depend on traffic intensity or flight delays. Our Apartments are located 15 km from Krakow-Balice airport and arriving to them from the airport takes 25–30 minutes, depending on traffic intensity.

The airport transfer price comprises:

  • picking up guests from the airport/apartments,
  • support from the driver,
  • travel expenses (fuel, driver’s fee, parking fees).

Providing the service

Please send us the order at least 48 hours before planned transfer and we will confirm it by e-mail. Please include in your order the following information:

  • first name and surname,
  • number of passangers,
  • date and time of arrival/departure,
  • flight number.


Luggage storage

In Clemens Apartments the hotel day starts at 14:00 and ends at 11:00 the next day. However, planes, trains and buses often arrive or leave after the check-out time. We understand that our Guests prefer to spend as much time as possible on sightseeing which is not comfortable with the luggage. You can leave it in our apartments in a luggage room located in Jana Sobieskiego 6/3 — service is provided free of charge.


Delivery of food products or flowers to the apartments

We offer delivery of food products and flowers to the apartments — service is available on request.

Providing the service

Please send us the order at least 48 hours before planned arrival.

The Client ordering the service is obliged to pay a 100 PLN (flat rate service cost) as well as to pay for all the products ordered (on the basis of receipts or VAT invoices).


Extra cleaning

The apartments are cleaned before arrival of Guests and on request during Guests stay at the cost of 50 PLN.

Providing the service

Please order extra cleaning service at least 24 hours before planned day of cleaning. The apartments are cleaned usually between 11:00 and 16:00 so as not to disturb Guests. They might be cleaned also at other time preferred by Guests.


Providing the crib

We offer our Guests a possibility to provide a crib for a baby with a set of sheets at the cost of 100 PLN (single payment).